Friday, December 19, 2008

In Love with Cardigans

Cardigans came number One in my upcoming shopping list ;) Why??

I was at work wearing my newly purchased mustard yellow cardigan, holding my mug filled with the yummiest Tim Hortons French Vanilla coffee, while having the sleeves covering my hands for extra warmth. That's when I realized: Gosh I need to stock up more of these. Not to mention, it made me keep on wearing my favorite Armani Tees, even if the weather *in my own measures* feel so freezing lol.

I found ahmazing cardi's at Reiss, Forever 21 & Mango. And I'm pretty sure GAP will have even wider range.
So girls, let nice warm *colorfulllll* cardigan
make your day :)

Photo credit: Just jared, Hello Dollface


Mme.Monstre said...

ahh i love cardigans too .. they come in handy so much .. even in summer .. its easy to throw one on on a sleeveless dress .. its so effortlessly chic

kytheria said...

i've been living in cardigans my whole life, hald of my shirt closet are Mme.Monstre they're handy,anywhere,anytime..even in the summer..i always keep beautiful shawls and brooches to dd a little touch up.