Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy "Belated" National Day

Off-topic hal jaw el 7elo calls for:
  • Dallat Chai-7leeb *Karak or whatever they call it :P*
  • Great book to read *may I suggest The Lucky one By Nicholas Sparks*
  • An Ipod filllled with Abdu or Fairoz greatest hits
3eedkm Mubarak in Advance. This Year mom is lucky to go to Haj for the first time, so that left me baby sitting my siblings. They drove me insaneeee taking them everywhere in the city! Yesterday we watched Madagascar 2 in the Open Air cinema @ the Emirates Palace *lovelovelove*. Also I'm on charge of all the Eid preparations! I have a chocolates/sweets shopping ahead of meee! good luuCk me a la the new housewife


Little B: You are one of those people you miss even if they are right in front of you. God Bless you


Dreamy said...

good luck =)

"been there, done that"

A Journal Entry said...

kil 3am wintaw eb5aair =)

Baroque said...

*sigh* fairouz!

Ruby Woo said...

Haha.. om khamas looks thinner than usual

Anonymous said...

hey sweetz its been ages loved da pics amazing gurl ;)