Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"Layla, If I ever have a baby, I will name her after you" said mzmz.

Me completely startled! *after a long pause* :"what why mzmz!!!"

Mzmz: "they say, ely esammee 3ala ely y7bh, ya5th mn 9efata"

^ can't help but smile at her out-of-the-blue compliments :)

Meanwhile, me & noor are sitting with nothing impressive to work on, so I gave her my ipod to look at my pix haha *talking about loving myself* while I plugged in my other ipod to enjoyyy Sinatra's "Strangers in the night" isn't our winter so cuuute !! remotly freezing but very romantic especially when enjoyed with a toffee nut latte, exxxtra caramel & creme.

Mama came from Haj yesterday! I couldn't be any happier. I noticed for the past 2 weeks she wasn't here, I had the worst insomnia and been haunted when unpleasant dreams every night. Now that she came back, I can finally sleep peacefully. I love you Mama! Oh I got her a gold and daimonds necklace from pure gold that is engraved as " Ummy el 3a'6eema" I highly recommend it for mom gifts.


Cloudy Stars said...

i think its very cute of ur friend to name her future baby after u ;)

i'd be really flattered all of my life eachtime i look at this child who has the same name as mine

Ruby Woo said...

My brother said he'd name his daughter after me, only if I died!

I don't know if that's good or bad!

kytheria said...

7aj mabroor o thanb ma'3foor to your mama, 7emdella 3ala salamat'ha. i cannot sleep either if my mom wasnt around. and i feel unsafe if my daddy is not around.allah e'7aleeha lekum.

Mme.Monstre said...

aah .. i need to get mom a gift .. where did u get it from ? >,<