Saturday, December 20, 2008

Human Cycle ?

In life, what to take for granted?

What taste does life have if those who are the meaning of your laugh are not here anymore. Those who were here to protect you, to look after you & make sure ain't nothing in the world is bothering you. Are

Live another day, thanking god for what you have today and yesterday and the day before that. Share the love, and make sure to tell those you love, you really do.

We don't get to realize how life is precious unless we are struck with "that" kind of news. We might not be related, we might not be on touch, but in that kind of situation, Hearts & Souls meet before eyes.


Dubai Guy said...

True, we don't realize how precious the life is until we get "that" kind of news, as you said. May Allah protect you & your loved ones.

Ruby Woo said...


fashion hermit said...

I love you and I miss you L <3