Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Celebrating Our Blessings

I loved this December. I think I will always rememebr December 2011.

Have you all witnessed the tremendous feeling of joy and happiness 40 days prior to 2nd of December.


I really can't remember the last time, the people of the UAE were that happy since Baba Zayed passed away "Allah yer7amah eb ra7mtah"

It's been what? how many years of grief.

We needed that celebration, and everyone meant it.

Everytime I drive my car around Abu Dhabi, I would hang my head on the window, attempting to count how many flags I see on these beautiful houses. Ah hundreds and thousands of houses were dressed in Red, White, Black and Green.

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, said in his speech days before the celebration, that most of UAE's generation are people around 25 years old. So, most of us, did not witness the real formation of Etihad. And it struck me how far we came today.

In just 40 years, we grew so big, our country's name is parallel to great developments, cherished culture and much more.

It is now our duty as the younger generation of Etihad, to continue the legacy Baba Zayed left for us. To continue educating ourselves, respecting others, raising our future children to be Emaraty by hearts.

Something else has struck me too, is that we know what the word "wa6an" means. We feel the belongings to a place.

How many people around the world, due to wars, and sad incidents never knew what that word meant or felt.

We should be really thankful for this blessing.  

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