Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three Mornings After...

I took steady steps towed my company. It’s been a while since I wore High Heels, I didn’t stumble as I always do.

These mandatory walks I take every day could be the most times I feel my mind wonders on everything. In that particular morning I thought of her.

I’ve been grateful so much for the people I’m surrounded with, and there were always my friends whom are considered my older sisters, since I wasn’t blessed with one.

But today, of all the past 23 years, I’m grateful for having my mom.

Day after day, I realize that nothing ever had a strong influence over me as much as it was from my mother. And I feel lucky feeling the resemblance is not with our pointy noses and long hair, but rather with our very strong personalities and patience that we were blessed with.

I was guarded with her soul wherever I went. She was always there.
As years went by, I feel a big bang over my head, that all this time,  my life been shaped the way my mom wanted it to be for me, her secret night prayers and casual hugs were all meant one thing. For me to have the best and live the best life.

I do feel contraversional and open minded more than her, thanks to our lifestyle, education and socializing with everyone. But deep down, I’m still a traditional as it gets. I disagree on taking off the limits between people, I disagree on leaving our morals just to please others.

In more than one occasion,  it was proved to me that showing a strong attachment to your own root, belief, and culture will make a person gain more respect than those trying to imitate whatever lifestyle they see on others.
And that’s what I’m most thankful for my mom.

What about you,  what are you thankful for ?

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