Saturday, February 5, 2011

Like Father Like Daughter

I held my dad from his shoulders as we were walking through the dead hospital corridor.

I looked at him and said: waal baba remember when I broke my elbow! Remember the morning I came to visit you when you had your backache? Or the time I had my first migraine and you brought my Saudi cousin who kept reading Girls of Riyadh to me while I was being injected with Voltarine?

How come we only realize how much our parents love us in these moments.

I always heard the phrase that every girl looks up to her dad as her role model. I came to believe in certain times of my life that it was the case for me too.

Living in an imperfect world that it, sometimes parents fail, they make mistakes, and they will somehow ruin their image. Mostly because they will try to make selfish decisions that involves them only and neglect that fact that when you have a family, any tiny thing to attempt will affect your whole household.

Always think twice of the pros and cons of every decision that coms into your life. Our relationships are very linked together that we need to consider everyone before making any new steps.

We all try to give happiness and hope to those around us as much as we can. Be that in always showing your availability to their needs of comfort, to engaging them in your happy days and letting them know constantly how lucky you are to have them in your life.

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