Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fighting Negativity: The Black Beans Effect

I never thought that one of the best advices I found was in an abandoned book somewhere in my mom’s books collection.

It was one those unbelievably boring days at home; I stretch myself on the floral sofa and I completely want to kill someone. That book was on top of the coffee table looking at me. A perfect square book that says “100 advices to live a happy life”. After running out of all the TV channels I decided to listen to my inner voice and pick up that book. I started flipping through the pages; nothing was that special, until I reached that particular page.

The Black Beans page.

According to an old Chinese story, put two glass cups somewhere obvious to you. Fill one of the glasses with raw black beans and the other leave it empty.

The idea is for every time, a negative thought comes across your mind, take one bean and put it in the empty glass.

By the end of the day, you should count the beans and realize how much negative thinking you attempted.

Miraculously, once you address your negativity, you will instantly turn these thoughts into happy ones. You will think less of anything that bothers you. The more you will be able to enjoy the happy moments and you won’t drag your mind to imagine bad things.

I tried this trick when I most needed it and I proudly say that I was able to fight my own thinking and force myself to be happy.

p.s missed this place so much. Hope my dearest readers are doing well.

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Rummy said...

I so agree with this technique and it really works in making you think of a strategy to address your negativity..!!