Saturday, September 5, 2009


The best part of Ramadan is the huge urge you feel to reconnect with you "lost" loved ones.

The times I've been a hostess to gatherings could be counted in my single hand. I was never fascinated by the whole idea. However, particularly since last year I changed my interests.

The process of planning your guest lists, the theme colors and how it coordinates with the dinner ware. Then it comes the menu planning, the grocery shopping and finally picking the right flowers. I love being a Girl :)

Tonight. I got to see my school friends. It's been 5 years. We all changed physically I.e being prettier :p but deep down still the same. We remembered the day of our graduation. We secretly got Hussain Al Jasmi cassette to the class and started "practicing". The moment we got the tunes right, the most strict teacher opened the door.

We froze!

I vividly remember one of the girls standing still trying to be a statue, the other under the chair and the other behind the curtain.

I can't feel my face muscles after all the continues laughing.

p.s THANK you shaima, for sending the yummiest dessert everrr! you made me loook goood :P


Maitha* said...

I love 3zayem! Esp the ones with girls from school! Its like we never left;p

Bahrain Fashion said...

That sounds like fun ;)