Friday, September 25, 2009

The quality of life

The more it becomes simple, the more it becomes enjoyable.

I was scrolling down at my previous posts when the one posted on the 9th of November 2008 made me stop. I ran a scenario of all days that had passed from that particular day till today. Have I ever thought I'd go through a Huge amount of self-exploration, verge-of-depression sometimes and a feeling of victory at most? certainly not, I thought life is such a piece of cake. Truly "Work" is one of the finest experiences anyone could encounter. I don't think I came out learning to be strong as much as I learned to be open-minded, respectful and very determine to shut off any creature that says "you can't do it".

I feel that all of a sudden my interests, my topics has changed. I'm more interested now to improve the quality of my life and myself in particular. I want to enjoy new hobbies. I no longer want to read fiction, I find my joy reading things I can relate to in my life. I have finished Outlier. Great great read indeed. And now I have started The Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner. This book which I got from Amazon right after watching the movie (2 days in row dragging my friends with me to cry over that scene when Chris Jr runs his hand on Will Smith's cheek and tell him: You are a good Papa) But I kept it as a decorative item in my room. I wonder what got to me to dust it off and flip through the first page which reads: Go Forward.


Euphoria said...

Good for you :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, always leaves a smile on my face..please post more often..