Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Fragile Truth

The terminology of Hurt:

1- There comes the time, unexpected scenarios play in a mid of your peaceful day. And it ruins whatever you built or thought you built. It's the unexpected truth about people you care about. In the larger scale of relationship, I wonder how honesty is supposed to be measured.

2- The struggle to end something you dearly loved. Protected and felt special about. Then the "fragile as a web" truth came out and you felt that Trust-worthy people are very few in this time. I don't want to sound too dramatic, yet I have to, because everyone can relate to a story when a person goes on and on about something and how that thing is very bad and stupid, then suddenly you figure they were doing it. It's just a way to make themselves look good.

3- I once asked a person very close to me how can he cope with lose. The answer was: I would be feeling hurt for two days and that's it. That's how men think! tough?

4- Girls on the other hand decide Not to move on. It is like we enjoy the heartache and the shortness of breathe and all that sort of movie-like drama. Wake up! life is not Carrie & Mr.Big *lel2asaf :( *

Bottom line and what I personally think is the most important factor to not being hurt is: do not build high expectations on people whom one day will come out to show their other side. The side that they chose not to reveal to anyone.

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