Friday, November 14, 2008

weekend again and again

Welcome the new batch of kittens in our house. So tiny & ugly :P

Abdulkareem Abulqader song kept repeating on my head while shooting this pic :
ذبل هالورد بعد مافارقه الساقي من يرويه؟
تعال ارجع و اذا بعمري بقى باقي بشوفك فيه

How do you usually spend your Fridays ?

Mine is always about catching up with my family. Ever since I was a student, I can only sit with my family for an hour or two, then I disappear into my world aka my room.

So today went like this :

-Breakfast with my mom and brother

-In my room cleaning and getting rid of unnessary makeup and cosmetices

-lunch with the family

-got my camera and sat outside snapping pix

- back to my room watching Grey's Anatomy

-With mom, bro and sis sipping Chai Za'atar outside

- back in my room, txting, watching tv, planning on my December shopping list

- Dinner sent to my room, so I eat alone and now I'm watching Friends *love*

All I'm thinking about is tomorrow's plan. I totally forgot that my favorite movie is out already. Night in Rodanthe, remember my post about this movie months back? yey it's showing now. And Oh the fact that I'm officially converting into a blackberry anytime next week.

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مُخْتَلِفْ said...

really nice shots :)
interesting fridays.

keep posting , i might get addicted.