Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Joody

Today is Joody's Birthday. If you know me! you will know that joody & I tag along everrrywhere around the city. We have been going to almost all the random places here & there. If one thing reminds me of Joody, I would say her sweetest tooth! she can eat chocolate all day long *mashallaah* & still crave more.

I can't forgot that day when I screamed at this old flirty guy at cinnabon! Omg we just have the funniest accidents together.

& Rainforest cafe in the states! our coats were soaked from one of the water games & we went into this lame cafe discussing our future weddings. Her cousin was saying: aah in my wedding, I only want my inner circle of family to attend & I will have the most classy wedding.

That's when Joody out of no where screamed: what? My wedding will have 3000 guest, in 3 tents & I will wear the Most Manfooooosh dress everrrr!!

Happy birthday my dear friend, You are truly a gem & I hope Allah will bliss you with all the things you wish for *heart*


Mme.Monstre said...

lool .. 3ajeeba joody .. a7is i wanna hangout with her

Dreamy said...

Warmest wishes of a happy belated birthday joody =)

Meeri said...

Oooh where's the first pic from?? Sooo pretty!