Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mend That Heart

I gazed outside the car window admiring the beautiful weather today. My imagination started drawing vertical and horizontal lines.  The more I closed my eyes and wandered into those lines, they formed something like:

A triangle on top of a square.

A square with two little squares inside and another rectangular in between.

On top of the triangle, a bit to the right, there is a Chimney!

Yes, that’s a house, the oldest and most common picture we learned to draw. Ever since we learned how to hold crayons in our tiny hands, we are born to know, one day, some day; we will have a home of our own. With everything that comes along with it.

A loving family

A pet

A vase full of white lilies

An oven that hides a “burnt” cake inside

But hey, a warm smile that welcomes everyone to our world

If fairytales mean living happily ever after, then be it. I want that

And no matter how simple our imaginations draw that happy life, we should always be ready to draw the dark cloud of top of that house.

I woke up from that moment of day dreaming and realized, I saw that silver lining already.


Hopeless Poet said...

It is almost the same way I draw the houses. But I always put a circle in the middle of the triangle as the attic window! I also draw the tree beside the house.

Layla said...

oh the tree is a must :d and the sun on the far corner with the rays colored in yellow and orange lol.