Saturday, January 2, 2010


On a "full moon" night.  A night that brightened our evening with no need for you Mr. Thomas Edison.  My brother & I threw a blanket in the backyard and watched the stars.  Ah the cold winds, very unusual, I put on my new TopShop hoodie and left out a chilled sigh.  We talked.


Life is such a yoyo,  we face so many difficulties, hatred and hurt.  We go to the bottom of problems.  But suddenly we start to pick up and resolve everything bothering us.

Finally, we're back to ourselves.  Hopefully, stronger & happier.  Just like a Yoyo in the hands of a small child.  Goes down and down that he finds it hard to balance, he either gives up and throw it away or Try again. Once it returns back to his tiny hands,  the smile on his face is victorious.


Alwahedi said...

Wisdom words

Gre888888 Blog...keep up the good work!!!

Y.F. said...

What an interesting way to look at life! go to the bottom of problems like a yoyo.. I don’t believe, however, that we go in straight lines like yoyo does, we don’t go back the opposite way when we hit rock bottom, we stand up and we keeping going forward or we simple change paths.. life is a journey and it’s almost impossible to get back to where you were because every problem we encounter will further develop our personalities..

I definitely agree with the victorious smile part.