Thursday, January 7, 2010

لمحت سهيل

We all sat around the bon fire.  Attempting to scare each other with our "made-up" ghost stories.  I opened my marshamello pack, stuffed the wooden stick and started rolling it in the fire.  I could hear the sizzling sound of the outer skin getting burnt and turning crispy brown.  I took one bite, second and third, re stuffed my stick and did it all over again.

It's nice when you have the chance to get your mind off the same work, people, food and topics and head somewhere far far away.

I came back to my normal senses, *me* the extrovert that I'm.  I laughed, I hurt myself, I jumped, I ran and ran and ran.   I looked back in the mid of the run, stopped,  took a deep breath and thought to myself: I'm alive.  Most of all, I relived one of the best moments I had same time two years ago.  Although the place had changed, but our spirits were still as young as ever.

Keep surprising me.

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Sweet_November said...

Great To live nice moment like this with nothing to think about from the future or next steps in life....