Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Living a Yesterday

Knowing that yesterday was more than 10 or 15 years ago. 

Me and my 4 siblings sitting on the floor watching Mbc movies, while mama was doing her magic in the kitchen. 

By magic I really mean, eggs and tomatos, chicken nuggets, homemade bread, or just some fresh cream, jam for dipping. 

How can such a simple sitting be the foundation of all our memories, our contentment. For us to base our happiness on that single memory that I often felt was so soul-filling. 

Fate brought us all together once again now in Manhattan. We re lived that same memory without us knowing until the mid of our meal, when we all looked up at the same time and thought wow doesn't it feel like when we were young? 

Deep down We have not changed a bit, the exterior changed, which at the end it does not really matter. 

Sometimes it makes me think, was it nesscary for mom to be sick for us to live our life once again. And do the things we forgot how happy it made us. 
Or is it god's way to say goodbye mama! 

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