Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I See Dead People Living

Every wednesday. 8:00 AM, coffee's smoke is filling the room, fingers clicking on the keyboard. Pencils jotting down notes, memories, and lots more.

That room I saw every Wednesday for the past 6 months, is nothing but a hospital waiting room. Every single person sitting, is batteling a cancer of his own.


They are more lively, more focused. Than any other healthy person I've seen.

Sickness is sometimes a good wake up call. To remind me what really matters in your life is you and yourself and your own. Later, comes everything else.

It's the time you should be selfish to do the things for yourself that you may have not done because of other engagements.

What's more beautiful is to actually live this way, rather than waiting for that wake up call. When sometimes it's too late.

Enjoy living. 

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deeps said...

thats right now s the time to live