Saturday, October 30, 2010


I walked down the carpet laid aisle with my aunt "K", I would say she is my favorite, but when you have 9 of them. You fail to choose one over the other.

I hold my red indian inspired dress with bahraini twist close to me. I unusually feel shy today!
I look down at my neck and I see huge gold necklaces passed on to me from my granny.  I feel so special knowing that no one but Baba Ali made those necklaces.  Yes, my grandpa was "9aye'3" i.e worked in the gold industry.  I remind myself to smile and continue walking down the aisle. Everything feels special to me this evening.

Ah wait today is a new day! I want to re live yesterday all over again.  Please let me.

When am asked about my perfect party set up, an outdoor lush green area would instantly pop into my mind.  A string of yellow light bulbs hung on the trees and a breeze of cold wind playing with our hair.  Not to mention a group of my beloved guests with great food and music.  Easy to make? Of course. This is what I got exactly.

I'll always remember yesterday,  an evening when 2:00 am in the morning totally felt like "Taw el nas". 

I sat among my family celebrating them into my life.  El7amdellah.


ali alwahedi said...

Teaaaars....Wallaaaa Speachless...Good luck cousin you deserve the best:)

Rummy said...

Alf mabrook..!!

Menneh el mal w mennek el 3eyal inshallah.