Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ya M6awel el '3aibat?

Where have my days taken me?

Juggling between our families, friends, work and everything in that little circle called “Life”

Things taken for granted can really stay granted when we put so much faith into it. I truly believe in fate, but one of my friends taught me to think positively that Allah will always bring good things into our life, because we look at our life that way.

I spent a weekend with two of my favorite cousins away from home. I can still feel my stomach muscles from all the laughter. All and all, it will be a memory that is hard to be forgotten. Note to myself, need to detoxify my body after all the junk we have eaten. Think, Red Velvets for breakfast! Worth it.

Rewinding furthermore, the big breakfast at Mzmz House was a delightful memory. God it seems like it’s been forever, knowing how much things happened in between.

And above all that, bonding even stronger with my loved ones is something I’m starting to cherish every single day. And that’s where my heart is right now.

1 comment:

Moza Al D said...

I swear i was going to write on ur wall !! " uff basafr and still u haven't updated ur blog" lol gelt 5alne ashof!!! and thank god you did!!
I loved the breakfast 7abibty , i had so0o much fun that day!! Alla la Ye7remna mn ba3th :)
I love you