Friday, May 14, 2010


I threw those Reeses mini peanut butter cups into my mouth without thinking.

I lost counting, all I know the family pack is half empty now.

Two weeks had passed since my brother's lovely wedding, and my little family is growing with dear additions. The week after, I was among those rewarded for their contributions to my University when we were students.  It was so beautiful to see the girls, all grown up and independent career wise and family wise.

I knew 2010 where the year of changes.  Little did I know, those changes will be that big.


al wahedi said...

oh maaaaaan now i am gonna cry...i miss your bro too...but his wedding was amazing heheeheh...everyone saw me when i danced it was funny but who cares i wanna show my friend that i am soooo happy for him

too bad i didnt have the chance to say hi to you but maybe next time :)

again lovely blog and keep it updated

Layla said...

ali, loool walla don't worry I saw your dancing :P not bad dude. god walla we grew up so fast!!! 3gbalk

nosa said...

this post is soo cheerful .. inshalah doum u r..

n for every1 else

Moza Al D said...

2010 will be the year 4 both of us dear!!! Just you wait enshallaaaaaa