Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Genuine Thank You

Moments passed after I posted the previous title.

 My phone started ringing.

I was at my desk, still working.

An angel called me. My tears chocked me, I couldn't be the bubbly me as usual.  I needed her right now.

"I need to see you Mzmz"

I shut down my laptop, turned off my desk lamp, folded my presentation papers into my bag and left.

As much as we need our friends in these weird times.  It feels so much better when they remind you no matter how much they could listen and take things in.  Allah is whom I should turn to, to soothe my soul.

Thank you for the advice and for the cutest Omrah gift.  The timing couldn't be better.

Thanks to you all. Love you 

1 comment:

Moza Al D said...

Awwww luluuuu , your very welcome !!
Enshalla alla yehdenee 3ala 6oooool lol
You can always rely on me 7abibty.... Enshalla our plan works lol and make sure u tell Salama abt our deal so she can be ready anytime soon!!
Love you