Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wisdom of The Day

Received this as a forward, it really enlightened me :)

All problems are illusion created by the mind. Read it again and let it sink in you.
The mind lives on thoughts. The more you think, the more you feed your mind. That's why human beings love puzzles. Puzzles mean, for the mind, a problem that needs solving; something to think about. The more complicated they are, the more exciting, because it requires more thinking.
Whenever we are faced with a conflict, the mind immediately labels it as a "Problem" so it can start thinking about it and find a solution for it. But thinking creates more conflict and leads to more suffering.
Try this: close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine you have no Past nor Future for a moment. Then ask yourself, "What problems do I have right now?". Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right at this very moment; right Now. How do you feel?
You'll find that when you put your attention in the Present Moment, you have no problems at all. Problems, like thoughts, can only exist in the past or future; but never in the present moment. Problems imply Time; and the Present Moment is Timeless!
The past & future exist only in your mind. The Now is the only true moment. When you are Present at this moment, your mind ceases thinking, and you start feeling the joy & bliss of life. When you live in the Now, you become alive. When you live in the Now, you become one with the universe.
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Limited said...

wow .. that was indeed enlightening!

Elegant Chic said...

Wow!! It enlightened me too! That's an awesome piece of wisdom...